3 Ways LED will Improve Income at Your Car Dealership

3 Ways LED will Improve Income at Your Car Dealership

As a car dealership owner, manager, or even sales member; you know that getting the cars out (along with in) is one of the most vital points in your business. On top of that, keeping the expenses as low as possible to simply operate will allow you to take home more income, rather than spending it on things that are just going to waste (like energy usage).

A good example that will resolve these issues and both increase overall revenues along with decrease expenses is in your lighting. More specifically, LEDs at your dealership.

This technology is most popular for its energy efficiency and its ability to save companies that adopt this lighting technology up to 75% in their lighting utility bill every single month. But on top of that comes other cost saving benefits, as well as benefits that will directly benefit a car dealership and its perceived value.

In this post, we are going to cover the 3 main ways LED will improve your car dealership and allow the business (and salesmen) to take home more every single month. Here is the first on the list, which is also the most popular reason companies are converting to LED in their lots and even indoors:

1. LED will reduce energy consumption by up to 75%

For obvious reasons, a 75% (up to) reduction in energy consumption associated with your lighting system alone is a staggering amount of savings.

Since LED is so efficient compared to other lights commonly found in parking lots (metal halide, HPS), by converting away from these technologies over to LED at your car dealership; you will easily see 50% all the way up to 75% reductions in energy consumption associated with the lights you convert.
By realizing this reduction, you will be able to see positive ROIs from your investment in LED. As a result, your lights actually pay for themselves and cost a lot less overtime than it does to maintain and operate those other outdated luminaires.

2. LED offers a longer lifespan (by 2-3 times)

Not only does LED offer higher efficiency than metal halide and other technologies do, but they also offer a much longer lifespan. In fact, the lifespan difference can be up to 2-3 times longer with LED vs metal halide and HPS.

This brings two major cost saving benefits.

First, it allows you to by 2-3 times less replacement lights since you won’t need to replace burnt out lights as often (because they simply last longer).

Additionally, by reducing the amount of time you need to spend replacing burnt out lights you also get to reduce the amount of time you have to pay someone to switch out and even maintain your new lighting system. This in turn gives you a “two for one” benefit with less buying of replacement lights along with reduced costs associated with hiring someone to maintain your lighting system.

3. Higher quality of light in virtually every way

LED offers various ways that it outputs higher quality light (along with operates in a higher quality “way”).

For starters, LEDs will never flicker nor buzz unlike other luminaires do. This issue in and of itself will make your lot look low quality, unprofessional, and even annoying for those walking around the lot.

On top of that, if you are having issues with under-lit areas of your lot just a few years after installing new lights; it is most likely because your lights are experiencing high levels of lumen depreciation. Since LED depreciates much slower and overall much less than other lighting systems, you will never run into an issue of an under-lit area as long as you have a proper parking lot lighting design in place to begin with.

By implementing this higher quality luminaire, your curb appeal will rise which will result in higher perceived value which again will result in higher traffic through your lot. So from no flickering or buzzing to less lumen depreciation, LED is a clear winner in this category of higher quality light yet again!


Hopefully, even though there are only 3, these reasons have helped you understand what LED will bring to your car sales operation.

And yes, LED will provide benefits. It is not a question of if or when, because as soon as they are installed you will realize the benefits and high ROI situation immediately. Be sure to not overlook this opportunity and start looking for LEDs in your car dealership lot and building(s).

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