How LED Stree Lights Can Enrich Your City

How LED Stree Lights Can Enrich Your City

Millions of dollars can be saved every year in every major or little city in this country and those around the world. This sounds like a newspaper headline but it is the actual hard truth. The amount of energy necessary for street lighting is massive. For example, Britain needs about 1900 gigawatt hours for street lighting alone, which yields 3 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions which could all be avoided and greatly reduced. Imagine cutting that down to 20%. Can it be done? Of course it can, industrial lighting fixtures have been proved to have that effect.

With the economic crises, cities have started to switch off lights to save up on the electricity bill. This is one of the many solution proposed. Unfortunately, LED street lights were not proposed and that is a major mistake. There are installation costs you might say. Well, sometimes there are, but these are equal to zero based on savings achieved over time. It means not seeing the whole picture because the lighting systems now used on the streets needs extensive costly maintenance while LED street lights will need almost none.

This is not a small fact. Maintenance means dozens of monthly salaries and costs with equipment and cars. This is only for one city but imagine the positive effect of this at a country scale or even a global scale. It will actually make a difference. In addition, these LED lamps are retrofit so there are not additional costs on that. Simply when one light burns out it should be replaced with an LED which reduces your costs by not having to fully replace your lights entirely.

There have been cases when the LED Flood lights that replaced a high-pressure sodium street lamp that used 66kilowatts per month, only used 3 kilowatts per month. The city of San Francisco after a careful analysis saw that the investment in changing the HPS lamps with LED will be paid back in 7 years and that the energy and maintenance savings would be around $10 million per year. Moreover, the CO2 emissions will be lowered by 40500 tons per year. That is an amazing result and an investment in such systems is more logical than an investment in real estate or any other field.
The raw, obvious benefits are:

  • longer lifespan – LEDs can work non-stop for more than 50000 hours
  • lower energy consumption
  • significantly reduced maintenance costs
  • instant on or off
  • no mercury, leads or other dangerous substances on the roads
  • green technology, lower CO2 emissions
  • opportunity to implement programmable smart controls
  • very good night visibility and the possibility of inserting new light poles in dark areas ( the city gets safer than before)
  • very resistant to outer factors
  • no noise and no flickering
  • wide voltage
  • no UV

The list can surely go on. Most people get stuck on the price but at such a big number of Street Light LEDs needed any dealer will be more than happy to negotiate a solution for the whole city so the costs will be lower than normal. In addition, the provider will stick around with advice and consultation.

In the end, it is just a matter of putting ideas into practice. Only this way we will manage to create a better world.

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