We buy directly from manufacturers to Design and Install cost effective custom LED solutions for your existing building. Our expertise in focused on improving Light Quality and Reducing Energy Consumption in existing facilities.
  • We typically achieve a 70% reduction in lighting energy consumption.
  • We offer Standard lighting solutions as well as highly specialized LED solutions for Historic, Religious, Manufacturing, Gov and Defense, and Sports facilities.
  • Most of our fixtures have Efficacies from 150 to 170 lumens/watt.
  • We offer Driverless LEDs rated at 450,000 hrs/(50 years) with 15-year replacement warranty for hard to access fixture locations.
  • We offer High Heat (up to 180*) and Hazardous & Explosion Proof LEDs: Class I,II,III, Div. 1&2, Groups A thru G, Zone 2, AEx nR.
  • We have completed projects for 6 Government Agencies and many Defense and Aerospace contractors as well as 100s of residential and office projects.
  • Our past project SIZE has ranged from 5,000 sq ft to over 750,000 sq ft.
  • Past Performance case studies and References available on request.

LED Lighting’s direct impact on HVAC according to Section 6.2 Energy Stars Existing Building Manual (page 71)

“Large buildings ……. can experience a site energy HVAC (kWh reduction) bonus of 40 percent or more. This means that each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of reduction in annual lighting energy use yields an additional 0.4 kWh of annual reduction in HVAC energy by reducing cooling energy more than it increases required heating energy.”
Our Past Performance in lighting includes Government Agency HQ’s, Defense Contractors, Mission Critical facilities, as well as Commercial and Multifamily subdivisions and buildings.

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