Lighting Upgrades and Energy Savings
Since 2009, Intelligent Energy Light and Power has been an electrical engineering and installation firm that surveys, designs, and installs LED Lighting & Energy Efficiency technology in commercial facilities. We Average a minimum of a 70% reduction in lighting energy consumption.

We can reduce your total building’s electrical consumption by up to 30%.

Our capabilities include nighttime and security cleared; surveys, testing, and installations in Commercial Office, Manufacturing, and sensitive Government Mission Critical facilities. Our clients typically see a 10%-30% facility wide reduction in energy consumption with reduced operation labor expense and equipment failure. All with 30% to 50% R.O.I. and some as fast as (1) year or less.

We incorporate a collective combination of energy efficiency disciplines including;

  • Design and install office/industrial and custom LED lighting
  • Lighting control systems
  • Motor optimization and motor controls (VFDs)
  • High efficiency transformers
  • HVAC optimization technology
  • Power quality improvement voltage stabilization and increased electrical capacity
  • Staffing capabilities include Security, Secret, and TS clearances.
Our facility wide approach is maintenance free and uses “Best of Breed” technology eliminating maintenance expense and has demonstrated the ability to cut HVAC and Refrigeration compressor failures by half.

100% Customer Satisfaction!

Our ethos is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction safely and securely, ensuring we are the supplier of choice every time.

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